March 20, 2011 | Collection Abuse

Debt Collector/Fugitive Nabbed

Debt collector/fugitive Tobias Boyland, was captured (again) by U.S. Marshalls near Pittsburgh Pennsylvania on March 15th. Boyland (a.k.a. “Bags of Money”) operated numerous collection agencies in three different states. Boyland’s companies used illegal strong-arm practices to force consumers to fill his bags with money.  The 33 year old ex-con was arrested last year after the New York Attorneys General’s office investigated numerous complaints filed against him and his operations for debt collection harassment. Boyland’s illegal actions included threats of physical violence, impersonating police officers, and threatening to throw consumers in jail if they did not pay. The collection abuse was alleged to be a normal part of Boyland’s operation. When originally arrested last year, Boyland was found with numerous guns in his possession. He was convicted on the gun charges and sentenced to 15 years, which he then appealed. The appealed was rejected and an arrest warrant was issued for Boyland in January.  Boyland had been previously convicted of armed robbery.

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