What Should I Do?

What to if you are Being Harassed by a Debt Collector

If you have been the target of an abusive or deceptive debt collector or collection agency, you should act quickly to protect your rights. YES, YOU DO HAVE RIGHTS that protect you against unlawful collection attempts, and there may be legal recourse available to you. You may be able to file a lawsuit against the debt collector or collection ageny for what they have done.

Contact a New York debt collection abuse attorney at the Law Office of Joseph Mauro for a free consultation. I will most often set up an appointment to determine whether  or not I can help you and go forward with your matter.

Other Things a Consumer May Want to Do

  • Consumers should save every letter, envelope or other document sent to them from anyone trying to collect a debt. Often times, documents a consumer thinks are not important can actually be very important. DON’T THROW ANYTHING AWAY.
  • Consumers should write down notes following any telephone calls they have with a debt collector. They should write the date, time, and who they spoke with. Consumers should also write down as much of the conversation as they can remember. Be specific.

Recording Telephone Calls in New York

Recording harassing telephone calls from debt collectors can be a very powerful tool in protecting a consumer’s rights. But it may not be permitted depending on where you are located, and where the debt collector is located.  Some states do not permit you to record a telephone call unless everyone on the phone agrees to the recording.  You should not record a debt collector until you are sure that it is legal. You should check with a qualified debt collector harassment attorney before recording.

Contact a New York debt collection harassment lawyer for more information about what you can do to stop unlawful debt collection activities.