I’ve Been Sued, What Next?

Did You Receive a Summons and Complaint?

If you are in New York and you have been served with a Summons and Complaint, if you don’t file an answer, a judgment will likely be entered against you.

If a judgment is entered against you, judgment enforcement actions may begin against you. Judgment enforcement includes freezing bank accounts, having a lien on property you own, garnishing your pay, and taking property like autos.

Get Help From an Experienced New York Debt Collection Abuse Lawyer

Not all consumers who are sued are aware of the actions taken against them, and usually when they are made aware of their situation it’s often too late. They are then unable to defend themselves and, as a result, have judgments entered against them. When a collection agency fails to properly serve you legal papers and you lose the suit, it is called “sewer service.” In the event that you have been sued but were not served papers, it may be possible for your lawyer to have the judgment voided.

If you have been the victim of “sewer server” you should contact an attorney to discuss the situation. We invite you to contact our office to arrange a consultation with attorney Joseph Mauro. Mr. Mauro can review the Summons and Complaint filed against,  inform you of your best options and help you move forward. We are committed to helping you get through this stressful and unsettling time in your life. Call today to see if we can help!