How to Find a New York Debt Collection Harassment Attorney

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With the downturn in the economy there has been a severe increase in the amount of people in debt. This has also lead to a sharp increase in the amount of debt collection harassment taking place. (There are simply more people to be victimized by debt collectors). This sharp increase has also led to the emergence of “national law firms” seeking to represent consumers against unscrupulous debt collectors. These “national law firms” will often not have a real office in your area, and you may never even be able to meet with an attorney. They will often seek to do everything over the internet, or via phone. This could lead to a situation where your lawyer may prefer to settle your case cheaply so that they don’t have to travel to New York for Court conferences. Additionally, these firms will often times not be familiar with the local judges and procedures.

The Law Office of Joseph Mauro does operate like that, and believes that most clients are far better served being represented by a New York debt collection abuse attorney from their area who is familiar with the people and practices of the area. You should know your lawyer, and your lawyer should know you. Bringing a federal lawsuit under the FDCPA should not be done lightly. You should be able to meet with an attorney in person and describe your financial difficulties, and your potential case. After meeting with an attorney and describing your entire situation, if it is determined that bringing a lawsuit is advisable, you should be assured that your attorney is going to physically be there for you.

The Law Office of Joseph Mauro is licensed to practice in New York.  If you or the debt collector is located in New York, please feel free to contact my office.

Consumer Attorneys Outside of New York

The following law firms represent debt collection harassment victims in their states:

Ronald Wilcox
Attorney at Law
1900 The Alameda, Suite 530
San Jose, CA 95126
Tel: (408) 296-0400
Fax: (408) 296-0486

Peter Barry
Barry & Slade
2021 East Hennepin Ave, Suite 195
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55413
612-379-8800 Office
612-379-8810 Facsimile
866-714-8800 Toll Free

In any other state, you can find a good consumer attorney at the website for the National Association of Consumer Advocates.

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