Debt Collection Harassment

Debt Collections Abuse Lawyer in New York

Many people who are suffering from job losses, divorce or unexpected medical bills might find themselves unable to pay their debts. This is a stressful situation for most individuals, who mostly want to pay their obligations. Sadly, on top of this worry and anxiety you might already be suffering from, you get the debt collection companies that begin to contact you and harass you for payment. If you are being victimized by creditor abuse, contact a New York debt collection abuse lawyer to assist you in challenging these companies who are likely violating the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA).

Methods of Harassment

Federal law protects consumers from predatory collection practices. There are numerous collection agencies in New York who use unscrupulous tactics to attempt to collect money from you, sometimes when you don’t even owe it. Fortunately for consumers, the FDCPA protects you from creditor harassment. Some of the laws that protect you from creditor abuse include:

  • Prohibits contacting consumers by telephone outside of the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. in your time zone.
  • Must stop communication to you if you request it in writing, other than to provide information regarding the filing of a lawsuit or wage garnishment.
  • Must not repeatedly or continuously calling on the telephone in order to annoy, abuse or harass you.
  • Must stop calling your employment after you have informed them they may not contact your there.
  • Must stop contacting you directly when it is known you are represented by an attorney .
  • Must stop communicating with you when you have asked for validation of the debt from them, until such time as it has been sent and received.
  • Must not use misrepresentation when attempting to collect the debt.
  • Is not allowed to threaten to have you arrested or take legal action if it is not allowed or considered.
  • Must not use abusive or profane language during the course of communication about the debt .
  • Must not discuss your debt in any way with any third party contacted, such as family or employer.
  • Must not report false information on a consumer’s credit report or threatening to do so in the process of collection.

Contact A New York Collection Harassment Abuse Attorney To Discuss Your Rights If You Have Suffered From Creditor Harassment.

Attorney Joseph Mauro can provide you with a free evaluation to discuss the merits of your case against a collection agency if they have violated your rights due to debt collection abuse. You may be eligible for compensation if your rights have been violated.

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